A recent decision applied the normal course of trade defense to a preferential transfer request where the parties had only made two transactions. In re Reagor Dykes Motors, LP, Case No. 18-50214, Adv. No. 20-05031, 2022 LEXIS 70 (Bankr. ND Tex. Jan. 11, 2022). The court took a hands-on approachRead More →

Copyright © 2022 Albuquerque Journal As the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s bankruptcy reorganization enters its fourth year without resolution, pressure mounts for church insurance companies to pay a larger share of the payout to nearly 400 survivors of child sexual abuse. The archdiocese and plaintiffs alleging abuse by priests andRead More →

MIAMI — Puerto Rico on Tuesday received approval from a federal judge to emerge from bankruptcy in the largest public sector debt restructuring deal in U.S. history, nearly five years after the financially troubled territory said it could not repay its creditors. Since Puerto Rico went bankrupt, its economic crisisRead More →

in All News / By: BVI News on Jan 17, 2022 6:02 AM / Claude Skelton Cline Political commentator and clergyman, Rev. Claude Skelton Cline argued that people in the BVI live on a paycheck and an emergency of bankruptcy. Appearing on his Honestly Speaking radio show recently, Skelton ClineRead More →

09:35Jan 12, 2019 Mike postlethe involuntary bankruptcy case was dismissed after a confidential settlement was reached with Véronique Brill and Todd witteles, ending the long legal saga. Brill and Witteles started bankruptcy proceedings after alleged Postle fraud failed to pay more than $ 50,000 in legal fees after the pairRead More →

The launch date for the HyperPhone Xiaomi 11T Pro in India has been confirmed for January 19, 2022. Xiaomi has confirmed the launch date of its HyperPhone Xiaomi 11T Pro in India. The device will be unveiled well before Republic Day, that is to say on January 19, 2022 onRead More →