Anonymous Hackers Dox Missouri KKK Leader – Free Phone, Credit Card Numbers, More

The hacker collective Anonymous doxes (publishes personal information about) the leader of the Missouri KKK, Frank Ancona, and in a big way. They don’t just give the usual basics – email address, workplace, phone numbers and other contact details. They have posted a lot of personal information and claim to have done a lot more.

Anonymous hacked a KKK Twitter account almost two weeks ago and is still in control. They continue to post photos and comments mocking the white supremacist group.

However, on Wednesday they went a step further. The hacker collective posted, via the KKK Twitter account, links to Pastebin, a file-sharing service.

Of course, we’re not going to link to this document, for ethical reasons, but here’s a rundown of what it looks like, with personal details redacted. (His name and city are left untouched as he has declared them himself to reporters and is open to being a great Imperial Wizard.)

As you can see, they share multiple email addresses that are believed to belong to Ancona – a total of nine in the full document. There are links to several photos and youtube videos of Missouri leader KKK, and his social media accounts, as well as those of people who are or may be related to him.

This is not all, however. Anonymous claims to have used the information in a variety of additional attacks: hacking Ancona’s social media and Paypal accounts, and disconnecting its power and phone service.

The hacker collective has also shared much more sensitive information, including what they say is Ancona’s tax identification number, and two credit card numbers, as well as PIN codes.

This is still just the start – they have also shared information about his wife and other possible contacts. It is clear that the information is also starting to lead to further attacks on the family.

For example, the Facebook page of his wife’s alleged employer currently contains several posts and comments similar to the following:

If yesterday was Cup of Tea Tuesday, is today White Supreme Wednesday? Just curious since [name redacted] Ancona is a member of the KKK. Her husband Frank Ancona is a “great wizard”.

However, the information may very well be out of date or inaccurate – after all, the page related to the Ancona woman’s workplace hasn’t been updated for two years, and the name is misspelled. The linked Twitter account does not have any posts newer than 2009. Other social media pages appear to be more current, however – the linked Ancona Facebook page carries a profile picture with a message of support for Darren Wilson.

Despite any potential problem with the information, this is a massive attack on Ancona, and Anonymous demands that he admit defeat. In fact, in an edit to the document, in which they apparently added financial information, the collective said:

* Update * We have decided to add your credit / debit / banking information. You refuse to stay soft and admit that you lost this war. Keep it up. and we will keep updating.

Anonymous has been focusing on the KKK since the white supremacist group issued a leaflet threatening to harm protesters in Ferguson.

Missouri leader KKK did not respond to the attacks.

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