Beware of the mobile credit thief

A WEEK ago, I received a text from a 3xxxx number informing me that I had successfully subscribed to a video service and that the RM4 had been debited from my prepaid mobile account.

After checking, I realized that I hadn’t done anything to complete this subscription and that it was also the first message I had ever received from number 3xxxx.

So somehow there is a way to loot an unsuspecting user’s prepaid account and send an SMS notification AFTER the amount has been deducted.

I lodged a complaint with my phone operator and got the response that they couldn’t help me but instead asked me to contact the operator of the SMS number. With that, they closed the case.

I then forwarded my complaint to the MCMC, who to their credit quickly referred my complaint to my phone carrier and within days I received a message that they were “doing their best to resolve my complaint. “.

Then, exactly one week after the incident, my telephone company informed me that my case was resolved without giving any explanation.

I checked and found that RM4 had been credited to my account.

I wonder how many cell phone users in Malaysia are swindled this way every day.

Why is this practice even allowed?

The telephone company was complicit and yet tried to shirk responsibility.

I sympathize with fellow citizens who do not know their hard earned money is being stolen or how to get it back.


Kuala Nerus, Terengganu

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