Break down telephone plans

$ 10 per month for unlimited calls, texts and data?

It sounds too good to be true, and when you dive into the fine print, in some ways it is.

But it depends on how you use your phone.

These inexpensive plans will work for some people.

For comparison, here are the current unlimited single-line plans from the Big Four.

Sprint has the cheapest plan at $ 60 per month, and Verizon at $ 75 per month is the most upscale.

So, you might be tempted by those advertisements that are taking over the internet and social media feeds lately promising really cheap unlimited data plans.

These are new wireless operators.

One of them, Mint, which offers unlimited calling, texting, and data plans starting at $ 15 per month, and Unreal offers an unlimited plan for as little as $ 10 per month.

These carriers are online online and they don’t have physical stores which helps them save money.

This is how it works.

You sign up for the service online, use your existing phone or get a new one, they send you a SIM card in the mail, you insert it into your phone, and that’s it!

Quite simple.

You keep your current phone number.

The service for these phone plans will be 4G LTE and quite good in urban areas if you live and work in a decent sized city the service will be fine.

If you walk around the country, the signal won’t be as strong as the big four carriers.

Plus, if you’re going to parades, festivals, or events with large crowds, these newer, smaller carriers tend to lose their signal quickly when there are too many people around.

And the big catch?

These plans slow you down after a gig or two of data usage.

The Big 4 operators don’t slow you down until you average around 30 gigs.

Once you’re slowed down, you’ll still be able to check email and surf the web smoothly, but playing or downloading videos will take longer and probably frustrating.

Now, if you spend most of your time somewhere with WiFi, that won’t be a problem.

But if you have a long commute or are on the move a lot, avoid these plans.

A note – these inexpensive plans can be a good option for kids.

They can have fast data when they are in hot spots and then when they are out in the wild they have a cheap line that they can call and text with.

Here is an overview of the other options:

Unlimited Freedom Sprint: $ 60 per month
AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced: $ 65 per month
T-Mobile One: $ 70 per month
Verizon “unlimited”: $ 75 per month
T-Mobile One Plus: $ 80 per month
AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced: $ 80 per month
Verizon “Beyond Unlimited”: $ 85 per month
Verizon “Above Unlimited”: $ 95 per month



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