Elderly residents targeted in their homes by suspected phone and credit card fraudsters

The second man is shown in the pictures as wearing a black shirt with a pattern, a white backpack and a black cap.Credit:New South Wales Police

Reports suggest that the scam begins with a phone call to the home of the alleged victim.

Victims stated that the caller is usually a person speaking with a foreign accent, claiming to be from a bank and reporting that fraudulent transactions were made on the victim’s credit cards.

The victim is then encouraged to provide their personal information over the phone or physically provide identification to a courier, who arrives at their home shortly thereafter.

In another incident, an 86-year-old man from Castle Hill gave his credit card details to a caller claiming to be from a bank on January 3.

In one day, nearly $ 5,000 of fraudulent transactions were reportedly made.

“The community should be wary of any request for personal financial information or payment over the phone,” said Detective Superintendent Linda Howlett, commander of the Financial Crimes Squad.

“As our detectives continue to investigate these incidents, we encourage everyone to remain vigilant and share these warnings with their parents and grandparents who may not be aware of this scam.”

Detectives have issued a public call to speak to two men described as being of subcontinent Indian appearance, aged in their early to mid-twenties, with dark hair and black facial hair.

In the images of the men released by the police, one is wearing a blue t-shirt with a red pattern, blue jeans and black sneakers with white soles. He also wears a black backpack and black headphones.

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