First Self-Service Car Wash in North America to Use Mobile Phone Payment

CAMBRIDGE, Ont., Canada – According to a company press release on August 30, Valet Car Wash in Cambridge, Ont., Would be the first self-service car wash in North America to use payments from ‘a mobile phone.

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According to the company’s press release, the car wash will completely stop accepting parts in their bays.

Customers will simply scan a QR code in each Valet Car Wash bay with their cell phone, follow a few informational prompts, and then the bay will activate for the duration of the purchase, the statement noted.

After the transaction, the statement adds, a receipt is sent directly to the customer’s cell phone.

According to the company’s press release, Valet Car Wash hopes to attract a whole new demographic of customers to self-service washing with this new payment method.

Millennials, for example, who usually don’t have cash or a credit card but always have a cell phone with them, are one of the car wash interest groups, the car wash said. company press release.

For Valet Car Wash customers who prefer not to use their cell phone to pay for a car wash, an alternative solution has been devised by the company, the statement noted.

According to the statement, these customers will be able to purchase tokens with bills or credit cards from a central token machine on site.

With this transition, Valet Car Wash believes it will also significantly reduce theft and vandalism, as the money will no longer be in meter boxes or changing machines, the statement continued.

Valet Car Washes is the largest independent operator of branded car washes in Ontario and is currently expanding through company-owned locations as well as licensing agreements with existing operators, the press release noted. .

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