Galaxy Fold Foldable Phone vs. TCL: price, specifications, design compared

Editor’s Note, April 15: Our Galaxy S10 Plus review is live, just like our Galaxy S10E review. Read on to learn more about the Galaxy S10, S10 E, S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 5G. And we went straight with the Galaxy fold, Samsung’s first foldable phone.

Foldable phone fever is an epidemic that is ravaging the Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona. Samsung had a mic drop moment last week when it launched the Galaxy Fold. Huawei had a “hold my beer” moment on Sunday, announcing the Mate X. And not to be outdone, TCL, the company that makes phones under the Alcatel and BlackBerry names, teased several phone concepts. foldables aimed at being more affordable.


When comparing Samsung’s foldable phone to the prototypes presented by TCL, there is a big difference: the Galaxy Fold is a real device that will launch on April 26, while all of TCL’s phones are concepts that can or not lead to a real device.

The Galaxy Fold heard around the world

As far as we know about the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has not allowed reporters to familiarize themselves with the device, which still raises a flag. But the overwhelming hype surrounding the Galaxy Fold deserves our attention. CNET critic Jessica Dolcourt describes it as the most exciting phone she’s seen in years.

It features a foldable book design with a narrow 4.6 inch screen on the cover and a foldable screen the size of a 7.3 inch tablet inside. The Galaxy Fold has six cameras: three on the back, two on the inside, and one on the shell. The cameras are said to have similar specifications to the new Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy Fold will be sold with AT&T and T-Mobile from April 26 for $ 1,980, or around £ 1,500 or AU $ 2,800. Whether the phone lives up to its hype remains to be seen.

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3:30 p.m.

Galaxy Fold Specifications

Display size, resolution

4.6 inch Super AMOLED; 7.3-inch QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED

Mobile software

Android 9.0 with Samsung One UI


16 megapixels (ultra wide angle), 12 megapixels (wide angle), 12 megapixels (telephoto)

Front cameras

Two 3D depths of 10 megapixels and 8 megapixels


Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Storage room

512 GB


12 GB

Expandable storage



4380 mAh

Fingerprint detector

Right side of the phone


Foldable screen, wireless charging, fast charging

Price out of contract (USD)

$ 1,980

TCL Shows Foldable Concepts That Could Become Real Phones … Or Not

Chinese company TCL won’t release a real folding device until 2020, but the company has presented some interesting concepts. TCL didn’t let reporters have time with their devices, kept them behind glass, and discouraged any photos or videos of them being taken – lots of red flags here. But to be fair to TCL, these were just prototypes that may or may not lead to an actual device.


TCL’s Vision: To manufacture foldable phones at a fraction of the cost.

Shara Tibken / CNET

What’s interesting is how TCL plays with foldable form factors. In one concept, it takes a book-folding approach similar to the Galaxy Fold, but forgoes a second screen in the cover for the LED lights. In the configuration shown, TCL uses these lights to display the time. Another cool feature is the inclusion of magnetic ends to keep the device securely closed.

Then there is a concept that turns a phone into a watch. The prototype features TCL’s “Dragon Hinge”, which seems to recall the slap bracelets of the 90s.


This foldable phone concept from TCL intentionally reveals a screen strip.

Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

Another prototype shows a tall, narrow phone that folds but not exactly in half. Instead, it folds asymmetrically, leaving a small strip of the screen exposed to display data and content. When folded closed, the phone is not flat and looks like a bulging wallet full of cash.

TCL has said it hopes to launch a foldable phone next year that costs 30% less than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold.

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