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JioPhone 2 flash sale: JioPhone 2 is an upgraded version of the functional JioPhone phone, according to Jio

Reliance Jio has announced another flash sale installment for JioPhone 2, its 4G enabled phone device. The flash sale of JioPhone 2 – which is an upgraded version of its existing working phone called JioPhone – will start at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 25, the telecommunications company said on its website – The JioPhone 2 will be available for Rs 2,999 as part of the upcoming flash sale, Reliance Jio mentioned on its website. Reliance Jio, the telecoms arm of the conglomerate Reliance Industries, also announced a cashback of Rs 200 on the purchase of JioPhone 2 when sold using the Paytm digital wallet.

Here are five things to know about the upcoming JioPhone 2 flash sale by Reliance Jio:

1. Thursday would mark JioPhone 2’s seventh flash sale since the device launched in August of this year.

2. How to participate in the JioPhone 2 flash sale: According to Reliance Jio, the JioPhone 2 can be ordered as part of the flash sale from the company’s website,, or the mobile app, MyJio.

The Telecommunications major prescribed the following steps to place an order for the JioPhone 2 device through the website or the MyJio mobile app:

  • A user should log into the Reliance Jio website – – and select JioPhone2.
  • The user must then enter their PIN code and proceed to payment.
  • The user is required to provide personal information such as name, email ID and mobile phone number.
  • The user can proceed to payment after selecting the desired payment option.
  • Once the payment of Rs. 2,999 is made by the user, an order confirmation notification is issued via email or SMS. “You will receive an order confirmation notification (email / SMS),” Jio said.

3. Mobile apps on JioPhone 2: Mobile apps such as MyJio, JioMusic, JioTV, JioCinema, JioVideoCall and JioPay “come preloaded” on the JioPhone 2 device, according to the telecommunications company. The customer can also download additional mobile apps, according to Jio.

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4. Order cancellation: Cancellation of an order placed through flash sale will not be allowed, according to the Jio website. “As the ordered product is sold through Flash sales, cancellation of the order will not be allowed,” the company noted.

5. JioPhone charging packs: Currently, Reliance Jio offers three prepaid charging packs for JioPhone devices. These are priced at Rs 49, Rs 99 and Rs 153.

JioPhone plan at Rs 49

Reliance Jio’s cheapest plan for JioPhone is priced at Rs 49. This plan includes a total high-speed data benefit of 1 GB for a validity period of 28 days.


(The recharge pack priced at Rs 49 comes with a validity period of 28 days)

While voice calls are free, like all Jio plans, this package allows subscribers to send 50 free text messages during the validity period, according to the Jio website.

JioPhone package at Rs 99

Among other perks, the Rs 99 plan includes perks like 0.5GB of data per day for a 28-day validity period (14GB total high-speed data benefit), according to Reliance Jio. This means that a subscriber receives 0.5 GB of high-speed mobile data every day during the validity period of this JioPhone plan.


(Reliance Jio’s Rs 99 JioPhone plan offers 14 GB of high-speed mobile data)

Other benefits include free voice calls and 300 SMS throughout the validity period.

JioPhone Rs 153 plan

Reliance Jio’s JioPhone plan priced at Rs 153 provides the subscriber with 42GB of high-speed data with a daily limit of 1.5GB, among other benefits. This plan comes with a validity period of 28 days.


(The JioPhone charging pack priced at Rs 153 comes with 1.5GB of high speed data every day during the 28 day validity period)

In all three plans, data continues at a revised 64 Kbps speed after the user has exhausted the respective limits for the amount of high-speed data allowed, according to Jio.

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