Inmate scammed businessman over $ 2 million in phone credit pretending to be minister – court hears

A convict of fraud was accused yesterday of defrauding a businessman of more than $ 2 million in phone credit by posing as Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence in prison.

The charge against Mohammed Ali indicates that between October 5, 2018 and October 10, 2018 in Georgetown, with the intention of defrauding, he obtained $ 2.1 million in phone credit from Julius Belgrave by falsely claiming that he was Minister Lawrence.

“I am a high level criminal and am being held in my own cell on Camp Street,” Ali told court after pleading not guilty to the charges against him.

Ali had previously been convicted and jailed for impersonating first lady Sandra Granger and taking money from women by promising them scholarships.

Police allege Belgrave received a call from Ali, who impersonated Minister Lawrence and asked him to provide his ministry with phone cards. Ali reportedly made the call while incarcerated in Camp Street jail. After transferring the credit, Belgrave went to the Department of Health to receive his payment, but was told that the call was bogus and that he had been the victim of fraud.

Ali was fired until February 21, when his next hearing is scheduled.

Last week Ali’s father, Azaad Ali, called Shamir, 57, was charged with the same offense.

It was alleged that he had conspired with his son and another person or other persons and, with intent to defraud, took $ 2.1 million of Belgrave’s phone credit by claiming that he was was acting from Lawrence, knowing that the claim was false. He was released on $ 100,000 bond and ordered to report to the police every Friday until the matter was resolved.

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