Mike Postle Involuntary Bankruptcy Settlement

Jan 12, 2019

Mike postlethe involuntary bankruptcy case was dismissed after a confidential settlement was reached with Véronique Brill and Todd witteles, ending the long legal saga.

Brill and Witteles started bankruptcy proceedings after alleged Postle fraud failed to pay more than $ 50,000 in legal fees after the pair brought a anti-SLAPP lawsuit against the Sacramento-based pro.

Brill, the whistleblower in the case known as “Postlegate” and which has taken hold of the poker world for more than two years, has been awarded $ 27,745, while Witteles received $ 26,982.

These judgments followed the voluntary withdrawal by Postle of a $ 330 million libel lawsuit who had named Brill, Witteles and ten others, of whom Daniel Negreanu and Doug polk.

Bankruptcy case rejected

This week it was reported that “a series of negotiations and discussions” had taken place over the past two months involving the main players in the bankruptcy case.

Haley hintze, who produced some of the PokerTube coverage of the Postlegate scandal, revealed on Poker.org one “A confidential settlement has been concluded”, in mid-December 2021, “in exchange for Brill and Witteles dropping their petition against Postle.”

The deal was reportedly signed by Brill’s lawyer, Marc Randazza, and the council of Witteles, Eric Bensamochan, as good as Yasha Rahimzadeh, representing Postle.

Postle had been fight for several months dismiss the application for involuntary bankruptcy.

At one point he claimed that among his $ 270,000 in debts owed to 25 separate creditors was $ 82,113 to his own mother, who helped finance his legal battle with his ex-wife, Sabine johnson.

Johnson added fuel to the Postlegate fire last summer when she gave an interview to Brill, revealing Postle’s previous alleged scams and history of domestic violence.

The number of creditors that Postle was expected to be a potential stumbling block to further bankruptcy proceedings, Haley Hintze stressing the “number” clause in the Federal Bankruptcy Code.

Postle’s lawyer had raised this clause, claiming that at least three creditors were required to bring the action, with Brill and Witteles clearly only two.

This point became moot when the settlement was agreed last month, although it was not noted until last Friday, January 7, Postle himself would only have signed it on December 27.
As noted, the key clauses of the agreement read as follows:

WHEREAS the parties have entered into a confidential settlement agreement which resolves their differences in this matter. “

The agreement will probably become official on February 9 when a hearing has been set for finalize the rejection of the initial bankruptcy request.

It looks like it’s okay finally put an end to the legal elements of the Postlegate scandal, although the ifs and hows of alleged cheating will continue to dominate the dark side of poker for many years to come.

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