NA woman tricked into $ 50,000 phone credit scam

Single mother of two warns others to beware of a con artist who managed to squeeze $ 50,000 in phone credit from her on the pretext that she made $ 1 million through a bank in Guyana (BoG) and Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT competition).

“I know I can’t get my money back, but I just want people to know about this scam and not be able to cheat on anyone else,” the woman, who requested, said yesterday. anonymity, to Stabroek News.

The woman said her daughter’s phone rang around 9 a.m. Monday and a man, who identified himself as “Keith Singh”, a so-called director of the BoG, informed her that the number of the child had been selected by GTT to receive $ 1 million.

He informed that before she could access the money, she had to get a loan of $ 50,000.

“He mek that sounds like it’s real.” He told us to say “I love the Bank of Guyana” three times and then we won. I tell him I’m a single mom and don’t have that money, but he tells me to try and get the money so I can get the million, ”the woman said.

When she told him that she was in New Amsterdam, he informed her that the Bank of Guyana did not have a branch in the township and that the money would be transferred by the Republic Bank. He said a manager, identified as “Romel King”, would give him the money.

“All I had was $ 15,000. Was my daughter’s graduation money what she was working for in studies and we put it in the bank so she could pack her things. And I tell him a little. He said I had to try to get more money and she was excited too, because she thinks we are making the money, so we went to the bank and checked it out, ”the woman explained. .

She said she pledged a gold chain she owned for $ 25,000 and used the $ 10,000 her son gave her in the bank to buy the $ 50,000 in phone credit.

She said the man also called them to check on their progress.

“We call and he collects all the numbers [for the phone cards] on the phone, then he told us to go to the Bank of the Republic and he told us what to write on a piece of paper to get the money. But when I went to see the cashier, the cashier told us that they didn’t know. Then I call him back and he says the manager is coming and I have to go by security, then he tells me to go by security and I realize this man is scamming us. I go out and I call him back and I say, “Listen, I’m a single mother and God will take care of you. And he said ‘Listen nuh, hear nuh, listen to this song’ and I hang up the phone, “said the distraught woman.

She is now struggling to find the money to buy her daughter’s needs for her next degree.

“Right now I have no, no money and we don’t know how we do it. I don’t know where I would get $ 25,000 to get my chain back. It’s so bad and I know I can’t get the money back for myself, but I don’t want them to do it to someone else again, ”the woman lamented.

No report was made to the police.

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