Nord Stream 2 to file for bankruptcy in coming days: Stuttgarter

March 24, 2022, 5:19 p.m.

Nord Stream 2 will file for bankruptcy in Zug, Switzerland in coming days, says Stuttgarter Zeitung CEO Matthias Warnig as said in an interview.

  • Warnig says filing will be tied to ‘interim moratorium’ motion, without giving further details
  • As Managing Director of Nord Stream 2, he will devote himself exclusively to the exercise of his functions within the framework of the bankruptcy, moratorium
  • Warnig plans to relinquish all warrants and relinquish all other business activities
  • Says there is no justification for war in Ukraine
  • REMARK: Nord Stream 2 “Unable to Confirm” Bankruptcy Filing Reports (1)

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