Pak’NSave offers a composition after the loss of a woman’s phone, credit card taken at Sylvia Park shopping center

Pak’N Save offered to compensate a customer after giving his lost One Plus phone and credit card to a man who falsely claimed they were his.

A supermarket has apologized after handing a lost phone and credit card to a man who falsely claimed they were his.

Mariana Opatowski lost her phone and card in Pak’N Save at Sylvia Park Mall yesterday around 3pm.

She immediately retraced her steps in the supermarket but could not find the lost items.

However, she spoke to a member of staff who had found her phone and handed it over to customer service at the supermarket.

But when Opatowski asked at the office, she learned that the phone and the credit card in the phone’s cover were gone.

When the unidentified man approached the office and asked if a black phone and credit card had been handed over, they were handed to him without a check being made against Opatowski’s clearly female name on the map.

Opatowski, a doctor, went straight to his bank and canceled the card, but already $ 33 had been spent on a transaction at a nearby gas station.

She is devastated by the loss of the phone and the invasion of her privacy.

“I had memories on the phone that I couldn’t retrieve.”

A spokesperson for the supermarket said it could have handled the situation differently and that staff had been informed of the appropriate processes to follow.

The spokesperson said the phone was handed over by a member of the trolley team.

“Shortly after, a man in his twenties or thirties came to customer service and asked if a phone had been returned. He was paying close attention to the appearance of the phone. and the presence of a card.

“This convinced the staff member that it really belonged to him. The person received the phone and the card.

Ms. Opatowski later came to the counter and asked if a phone had been handed over – and unfortunately it had already been handed over to the person we now know to be a thief.

“The Pak’nSave team absolutely recognizes that they could have handled this differently and have now informed their staff on the correct process to be followed, for example asking someone to provide additional ID or power.” unlock “a phone.

“The store gave the police all the information they had, including CCTV to help them with their investigations, and also enlisted the help of other retailers and businesses in the mall.”

Opatowski said a representative from Pak’nSave had been in contact.

“The man was really nice. He said they really wanted to make things right. He apologized and said they wanted to refund my phone. I was really grateful.”

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The phone was a One Plus that cost him around $ 700.

Opatowski filed a complaint with the police.

Police told the Herald they might not be able to answer questions on the case until tomorrow.

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