Philips wants to ban the sale of Xiaomi phones in India: what we know so far

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has risen through the ranks to become India’s leading smartphone seller today. But 2020 brings problems for Xiaomi as Dutch giant Philips lodged a complaint against the sale of Xiaomi products in India with the Delhi High Court. In this court case, Philips alleges patent infringement by Xiaomi and wants to ban not only the sales, but also the manufacture, assembly, import and advertising of Xiaomi products in the country. Why has a big electronics giant like Philips taken such a big legal step by asking the court to ban all sales for the biggest smartphone seller in India? Let’s see all the details of this feud that turned into a massive legal battle.

What details do we know about Philips vs Xiaomi?

In a surprising turn of events, electronics brand Philips asked the Delhi High Court to ban Xiaomi from selling its smartphones in the Indian market. This injunction was requested by Philips on the grounds of patent infringement. Although the details of the offense are not yet clear, the court order includes a ban on the sale of Xiaomi smartphones not only through the Chinese brand, but also through its executives, affiliates and agents.

We know that Philips is asking the Delhi High Court to also stop the sale of future models of Xiaomi smartphones, including those with the improvement of the universal service of mobile telecommunications (HSPA, HSPA +) and LTE, which violate the patents. from Philips.

Philips does not stop there. He also wants “An interim injunction order to be granted directing the Central Board of Excise and Customs to give appropriate instructions to the customs authorities of each port, including Indian airports, not to allow the importation of mobile phones” from Xiaomi. Philips claims that its “standard essential patents” in telecommunications technology have been infringed.

In response to this filing, the Delhi High Court requested Xiaomi to maintain a minimum of Rs 1,000 crore in its bank accounts in India, no later than December 02, 2020. In addition, the court asked Xiaomi to respond to the court filing within the next four weeks. The next hearing in this matter is scheduled for March 1, 2021.

Philips calls on Delhi High Court to also stop the sale of future models of Xiaomi smartphones

What details we don’t know about Philips vs Xiaomi?

    • While Xiaomi had a big legal battle with Ericsson in 2014, which stalled the sale of MediaTek-powered Xiaomi smartphones in India for years, there haven’t been many legal issues for the Chinese smartphone maker. time.
    • This Philips patent infringement court file does not mention the exact details of the patent infringement. It is also not clear whether Xiaomi uses components in its smartphone that infringe Philips patents. However, it has been suggested that it is related to telecommunications technologies.
    • The record also doesn’t explicitly tell us which smartphone models are likely to be affected by this court order. It is not known if this affects all of the smartphones that Xiaomi currently sells in India.

contacted Xiaomi India for a comment, which was quickly declined by the company.

Not necessarily related, but it’s important to mention that Xiaomi and Philips sign a joint venture agreement in 2016, to design and develop smart home lighting products in China. Thus, things have not always been crisp between the two brands.

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