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Ismael Reyes Cabrera-Bonilla was shot dead on January 28 outside his South K Street home.

LAKE WORTH – A trail of phone tapes, credit card transactions and surveillance camera footage has led investigators to the suspected killers of Ismael Reyes Cabrera-Bonilla, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office records show .

The first lead came from the surveillance camera of a neighbor who captured two men arriving at 32-year-old Lake Worth’s home on South K Street and leaving a few minutes later towing his television with them. Records indicate that Cabrera-Bonilla planned to sell this television to men for $ 450.

Less than a week after the January 28 murder, sheriff authorities arrested the two men for fraud: first Robert Nunn, 26, then James Whitfield, 22. The two men also faced charges of first degree murder and armed robbery on Friday.

Palm Beach Post Homicide Tracker Records and Remembers Palm Beach County Homicide Victims

Nunn was jailed Jan. 30 in the Palm Beach County Jail in connection with a spate of fraudulent purchases made across the county. Whitfield was booked on February 3 after allegedly using Cabrera-Bonilla’s credit card hours after the man was murdered. Whitfield quickly posted $ 6,000 bail and was released. He was arrested again on Friday, this time in connection with the murder.

Cabrera-Bonilla was found dead outside his home more than 24 hours after he was allegedly killed. Sheriff’s investigators determined that he had been shot by two firearms of different caliber, indicating that more than one person had fatally shot him.

Cell phone records show Nunn and Whitfield were together on the morning of January 28. Surveillance footage showed Whitfield arriving at Nunn’s home at around 7.15am. kill.

At 9 a.m., they were back at Nunn’s house in West Palm Beach, whose records show he is renting from a relative in Whitfield. Surveillance footage showed Nunn carrying TV from Cabrera-Bonilla to her house

Shortly before 12:30 p.m., video captured Nunn and Whitfield shopping at a Foot Locker store on Military Trail. They tried to use Cabrera-Bonilla’s credit card, which they seemed to have taken out of his pocket, but his bank refused the transaction. It was not immediately clear what reported bank officials to the fraudulent charge. Whitfield used another card to purchase a pair of orange Nike Air Max sneakers, which sell for around $ 150, and a black long-sleeved Nike shirt, according to records.

At around 4:30 p.m. that afternoon, Whitfield successfully used Cabrera-Bonilla’s credit card to purchase orange and white Adidas sneakers, Timberland boots, and an orange and white Adidas shirt for a total of $ 247.17. Surveillance footage from the store shows Whitfield wearing the shoes and shirt he bought earlier today at Foot Locker.

Television sale led to fatal shooting in Lake Worth

Authorities found messages between Nunn and Whitfield from November in which they discussed the purchase of firearms and the use of postal codes for credit card transactions. Nunn and Whitfield, a documented member of the “042” street gang, have been convicted of criminal offenses, meaning neither of them can own firearms or ammunition.

Florida Department of Corrections records show Nunn was released from prison on May 30 after a two-year stint for burglary. He has previously served time for weapons, theft and drug offenses.

Whitfield pleaded guilty in 2017 to possession of heroin and marijuana. He spent a year on probation.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the Cabrera-Bonilla family pay for the return of her body to their native Honduras. As of Monday morning, the campaign had raised $ 800 of its goal of $ 9,000. To donate, go online to and search for “Para La Paz De Mi Hermano”.

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