Pixel Pass bundles payment by phone with protection, plus

Google is launching a new plan option with its Pixel phones starting with the Pixel 6. Pixel Pass promises a new phone every 2 years as well as Google services starting at $ 45 per month.

Pixel Pass is a kind of upgrade program, but it gives you more than just a special phone payment. Program subscribers will get a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro with the promise of a new smartphone after 2 years, but the funded device comes with Google’s protection plan. “Preferred treatments”Included in the package.

Additionally, the plan includes a few key Google services including YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass, and Google One (200GB / $ 2.99 tier).

In total, Pixel Pass bundles $ 20 of Google services with around $ 25 or $ 35 in phone payments as well as the $ 5 / month cost of Google’s protection plan. These costs are $ 45 / month for Pixel Pass on the standard Pixel 6 or $ 55 / month on Pixel 6 Pro, essentially giving users a modest discount on the entire plan.

But above all, there are a few caveats. The protection plan will always charge deductibles for repairs, for one, and this program is only available if you buy directly from Google. This means that you can only get Pixel Pass if you buy a Pixel 6 / Pro from the Google Store, whether it’s unlocked or for a specific carrier, or through Google Fi. In addition, the program is also currently restricted to the United States. The price isn’t locked in for upgrades either, and if you cancel early, you’ll have to pay the remaining cost of the phone.

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