Report: Samsung Folding Phone Price To Reach Up To $ 2,500

Samsung’s foldable smartphone won’t be widely available and will cost up to $ 2,500, according to unconfirmed claims in a Gizmodo UK report.

The revolutionary device will only be offered in the UK through a limited number of channels, according to the Gizmodo UK source who has been verified as a Samsung employee. The smartphone will be offered without a SIM card in Samsung stores, and without a SIM card or under contract via the operator EE.

If the report is true, Samsung’s plan for the foldable smartphone in the UK will be very different from its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, offered by almost all major carriers. It is still unclear whether the device will also be more difficult to buy in the United States compared to previous flagship models from Samsung.

It’s also unclear whether installment plans will be offered for the foldable smartphone, but there’s a good chance Samsung and EE will offer such a payment option due to its alleged price tag. The device will cost between £ 1,500 and £ 2,000, the same Gizmodo UK source said, which works out to around $ 1,900-2,500.

The price bracket will cover different models of the foldable phone, with the more expensive probably offering the highest internal storage and RAM for the device. The listed price is even more expensive than previous rumors that the device would cost up to around $ 1,850. The smartphone industry only recently ushered in the era of the $ 1,000 price tags, but it looks like Samsung is already pushing things further if it does indeed consider selling the foldable phone for up to $ 2,500. .

Samsung’s foldable phone, which would be called either the Galaxy X, Galaxy F or Galaxy Flex, was unveiled at the Samsung developer conference earlier this month. The device’s Infinity Flex display was showcased at the event, although the rest of the smartphone’s design was withheld as a secret.

The device will be officially announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2019 and released in March 2019, according to the latest rumor from Samsung’s home country of South Korea. Samsung, however, may not be the only smartphone maker to launch a foldable smartphone next year, as LG is also expected to unveil one at CES 2019.

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