SA Fintech Zapper platform launched payment by phone

Zapper, a South African fintech and mobile payment platform, has launched a pay-by-phone feature for Android phones. The new functionality allows merchants to accept all digital payments without additional point-of-sale hardware and/or without the Zapper app on the customer’s phone.

The feature, according to the company, eliminates conventional transactional processes while replacing it with the tap-on-phone method.

Consumers can use mobile wallets on Android and iOS, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Garmin Pay, to make payments, although merchants must use an NFC-enabled Android smartphone (version 9.0 or later).

Pay-by-phone is designed primarily to make transactions faster and more efficient.

The merchant downloads the application on his Android smartphone version 9.0 or higher. To make a transaction payment, the merchant opens the app and the customer places their physical card or other payment method on the merchant’s Android smartphone.

This new payment option is widely available to all and only South Africans.

The consumer simply taps the physical card or mobile device on the merchant’s compatible Android smartphone.

Zapper CEO Brett White

This new feature also enables pin-on-glass, which means that if a customer’s verification limit has been reached, they can securely enter their PIN on the merchant’s Android smartphone and complete their transaction as they wish. would do so on a conventional PIN entry device at checkout. .

Previously, this merchant app was primarily used to provide real-time payment confirmation feeds to their merchants via push notification, minimizing the need to wait for an SMS, email, or log in to the merchant portal often. line. It also allowed merchants to quickly and efficiently generate a QR code or payment link.

Now, the program converts the merchant’s phone into a point-of-sale device without additional peripheral equipment, White says. The app automatically allows customers to scan and pay with their physical bank card or mobile wallet, or tap and pay using the Zapper QR code generated by the app.

The security of the tap-on-phone offering meets the stringent requirements of physical point-of-sale devices, and consumers will benefit from not having to hand over their cards to the merchant, making it a truly safe and secure payment experience. without touching.

About Zapper

Zapper CEO Brett White

Zapper was created in 2014 with the goal of empowering marketers with data-driven insights to help them grow their businesses. Today, it pursues this goal by expanding and expanding its platform, its networks of strategic partners, with the aim of eventually replacing antiquated card-based payment and reward systems.

With this new launch, Zapper retailers can now accept a wide range of payment methods with this recent feature. This includes vouchers, mobile wallets, and third-party options like Ozow; Buy it now and pay later options such as MoreTyme; cryptocurrency like 6dot50; and now card payments via the tap-on-phone offer – all via one account.

With this new feature, Zapper merchants now have full payment acceptance capabilities as well as enterprise-level retail information and payment solution that can be fully managed through their smartphone, concludes White.

However, the company has not made any update regarding the upcoming presence of this feature on IOS at the moment or in the future. However, Zapper’s Tap-to-Pay for Android is available.

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