Spark to repay phone credit to more than 100,000 ex-customers


Spark contacts 135,000 ex-clients to try to return them money.

Spark launched the initiative to refund account credit to old customers – ranging from pennies to over $ 100 – amid discussions with the Commerce Commission over issues with the billing system.

The move will cover former customers for the past seven years and those affected will receive an email or letter from the telecommunications company.

“There are a number of reasons a former customer may have credit on their old account. Some customers were credited at the end of their account termination process because of the way their final bill was calculated, ”said Grant McBeath, Interim Managing Director of Spark Home Mobile and Business.

“Some customers did not cancel an automatic payment before they left or mistakenly paid their final bill twice. Or in some cases a refund for a billing error from Spark was discovered after customers have left Spark, ”said McBeath.

“Whatever the reason, the credit remains on those old accounts and we want to return the money. This money is held for the customer until it is paid off.”

“We want anyone with credit to get their money back. Once a customer has left us, it becomes more difficult to track them down and verify their identity to make sure we’re giving credit to the right person – all making it as easy as possible to claim their credit, so we’re launching a public campaign and reaching out to former customers who have credit from the past seven years to remind them.

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