Ismael Reyes Cabrera-Bonilla was shot dead on January 28 outside his South K Street home. LAKE WORTH – A trail of phone tapes, credit card transactions and surveillance camera footage has led investigators to the suspected killers of Ismael Reyes Cabrera-Bonilla, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office records show . TheRead More →

A WEEK ago, I received a text from a 3xxxx number informing me that I had successfully subscribed to a video service and that the RM4 had been debited from my prepaid mobile account. After checking, I realized that I hadn’t done anything to complete this subscription and that itRead More →

The jury decides whether Downtown Jackson Partners chairman Ben Allen (left) is guilty or innocent of embezzling public funds. He is seen here speaking with one of his attorneys, Merrida Coxwell (right). Photo by Imani Khayyam. JACKSON ?? The jury in the trial of Downtown Jackson Partners president Ben AllenRead More →