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Gunmen posing as potential buyers of an iPhone Pro 11 gunned down the 17-year-old owner on Saturday just three days before his 18th birthday, bringing his family to mourning.

The incident took place along Gore Terrace in St Andrew at around 12.50pm.

The late 2020 St George’s College graduate D’Marko Levy is said to have celebrated another birthday today but his life was cut short on the depot site after announcing the gadget online.

He had informed his grandmother of his intention to use the money from the sale to help his family move out after receiving notice from their landlord. The price of the phone would be over $ 100,000.

Levy’s grandmother, Ellin Williams, is devastated and broken.

“He has an entrepreneurial spirit and business intentions because when I see him doing business over the phone, I sometimes get discouraged. I don’t like it, but said to her: ‘Mom, mi haffi gwaan do something because COVID has gwaan’, she said The gleaner.

Williams was keen for Levy to come back after his phone transaction asking him to buy something before the 6pm curfew.

But she was shaken soon after by a phone call indicating that “Sonny,” as Levy was affectionately called, had been shot.

Levy’s aunt Sharon Porter, who raised him since he was one year old, recounted The gleaner that he was not a troublemaker.

“I try to talk to him the best I can and tell him to watch the crowd and his friends, not everyone can be his friend,” Porter said, wiping away tears.

She said that although Levy grew up in his care, he had a relationship with his mother, who visited him from time to time.

“Her mother is devastated. I really need someone to talk to his mom because she’s really mad and I don’t want anything to happen to her, ”Porter said.

Like the teenager’s grandmother, Porter said she was not convinced by Levy’s gadget business – a passion that began when he was in 10th grade.

“I go so far as to tell him that even your own friends at school may not like what you do and fall into place. They don’t need to be there. They can send someone, ”Porter continued, choking on tears.

It appears Levy ignored Porter’s attorney when he closed the deal at either of the two gas stations near the intersection of Dunrobin Avenue and Constant Spring Road.

Levy was with his young cousin, who fled after the explosion and hearing one of the gunmen tell the other to shoot him as well.

Levy was shot in the chest, The gleaner understand.

It was a passer-by who contacted the police, who transported him to the West Indies University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

St Andrew Central Police are investigating the murder and theft incident.

Meanwhile, the Police Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) urges people doing transactions to do so at a police station.

“Whatever they’re selling, they just go to the station, talk to someone, the warden or the station officer, and explain to them what transaction they’re doing. The officer will see to the transaction, ”said the CCU.

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